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Ford Focus water drip?

Pete Rigby

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Hi, can anyone please advise ref my wife's Ford Focus Zebec TDCI. It's a 2012 model and a 1.6 engine. There is a water drip (doesn't smell of anything) coming from below the boot area towards the offside wheel. Someone has suggested that it maybe that the air-conditioning system is letting off steam (condensation drainage) and that this is normal?

It's not been raining for a few days so the car isn't wet in anyway either. The inside of the boot is dry as well. 

I've been under the boot area it and there are two (dry) rubber grommets in the area where the problem is but these are bone dry? The water (it appears to be water) is chasing along a metal strut so I can't see where exactly it originates from?

Any advice, steer / suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanking you in anticipation,


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