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Escort convertable 1.8 don't start.


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Hello friends, 

I have a problem with my Escort gearbox 1.8l 96kw from 1994. I lost all the keys, including the Red master. I ordered 2 new keys but you can't add them. The engine control unit is an EEC-IV with external PATS. I tried to make a change, bypassing the pats. I opened the pats, eliminated the TMS and made a bridge from pin 4 to pin 13. Now with this modification comes the gasoline to the injectors and the current to the candles but the does not start. I realized that from the engine control unit It does not handle well the 5 volts towards the camshaft sensors, towards the crankshaft, towards the water temperature sensor and the throttle valve. In short, the voltage of 5 volts does not come out. I attach the photos of the engine control unit and the pats, hoping that some of you can help me






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