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A few BB Rules - makes things run smoothly


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1. When moderators carry out an action it's done for a reason, it isn't a easy job, so please don't make it worse by giving them a hard time, if you dont agree with something ask them via PM, don't get on about it and start shouting around.


2. Dont reply to posts with just smiles, or 'empty' posts. Its a waste of time, u dont get a free clock or anything for getting a load of posts, this rule is excluded from the jokes section.


3. Please do not critisize mods. They do their jobs well, it is not upto users of the board to say when a topic should be moved. Breaking of this rule will result in warns, and bans.


4. This is a board for car owners and enthusiasts, not for famillys, talking to girlfriends, falling out with girlfriends or anything similar. If you want to do that do it else ware. I.e. Msn. Or join up and use the special members only room for chit chat.


6. Don't make huge thread talking about what your having for tea etc... having a convo with one person. Again use Msn or the members only 'work chat' forum.


7. Don't come onto the site just to try and stir things up, insult members, or post aload of rubbish. It could lead to suspending your account, or even a ban, the same treatment will be delt to people trying to 'poach' people from the site- proven, or otherwise felt, this can include links in signitures, blantant in their posts, and can include passages of text forwarded to moderators from other site members/ users.


8.If theres something your not happy with , have a sugestion, or similar pm Sortedford, threads will often be ingored if the correct lines of Pm's is followed.


9. Dont start threads demanding for this, that, and the other, for example banning of an individual, do it the correct way and pm site admin.


For Sale Section


When starting a for sale thread try n post all relavent details of your item, be as descriptive as you can, post a pic if poss and don't forget to give a price.


When posting in peoples threads try n stick to the matter in hand and don't mickey take, you wouldn't want it done to you!!!!!


Do not go on a crusade pointing out to people their items are overpriced, that is youre opinion, and as you should know if its overpriced it simpley wont sell.


Ebay Links

Please put a picture of the ebay item in the thread you start, so everyone can see the item without having to open ebay.


Upcoming Events/Cruises


When starting a thread please use the following format if possible.


1st line of thread title to include location.

2nd line to include date unless its a question of do people goto........then try n use the ???????? in this line.


If you want EVO to have a stand at a show PM Trig. Do not try and set one up without contacting Trig, as all club related shows need to be channeled through the one person.


If you have a problem


If you have a problem with a post thats made by someone, ie it contains offensive material please use the report this post to a mod button. Posts that are reported and seen to be serious and in breech of the rules, contain offensive or unsuitable material, or are abusive todwards people will be closely looked at by a moderator and suitable action will be taken.


If you would rarther pm sortedford if you do not wish your name to be made available to other people, and where able that request will be granted.


If someones sig has got inapropriate material in which may offend, again please pm sortedford, dont just make a thread about it. this will not be seen as a complaint!


If you have a question about anything, for example a warnign you recieved please pm a moderator.




A maximum size of 600 wide by 180 high pixels is allowed. Sigs over this size may be removed without warning.


Here is what a SIG could/should consist of:


A pic of YOUR car(s)

Contact details (email, phone etc)

Web links of interest (other useful sites, links to your for sale items)

'Other' text (non web link big ups, adverts, done and future car mods etc)


NO QUOTES of any type, this is due to many recent events with members/users stiring things up with the clever use of particular sayings/phrases in their sigs, this will now stop.


please could anyone with quotes in thier sigs that could insite an argument, even if they are meant jokingly, remove them.


If anyone adds things back which a moderator has deleted they will recieved an instant 10% warning. A moderator doen not need to explain to everyone their chosen actions.



If you dont agree, dont post! If you do post and kick up a fuss dont be suprised if you find yourself banned.

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