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Buyers and sellers please read


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When posting a For Sale thread please describe your item, post pictures if possible and give contact details and the important bit, a price!!!


We take no responsibility for fraud, or problems with trading or selling. Buy/Trade/Sell at your own risk!

It's advised not to post your contact details but to do so in a PM upon interest/request.

We have a feedback system that provides a rating next to every post (it can also be searched: Here), this is a guide as to how well previous deals from a certain person have completed, this is not a guarantee.


If you do not have something constructive to say about something someone is selling, do not to say anything at at all, at the end of the day though as above you are selling at your own risk. If you have a problem with unwanted posts in your thread please contact a moderator via the report post button.


Once posted with all your details please don't pointlessly and needlessly BTTT stuff as it just forces others for sale items off page one, not everyone and everything can stay on page one but lets at least make things fair for everybody. Posts BTTT or single smilies etc, especially within a 24hr period will just be deleted due to mis-use.



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