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Cossie's back.....

Lee R

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....off the fcuking road.


Just picked it up from Giles', and the diff has died on the way home :roll: :nutter:



knew it was gonna go soon, but not this quick, was obviously waiting to go :roll:


should get a diff Thursday and have it done weekend :thumb:


aint Cossie's great :thumb: :O :roll:



.........but Fcuk me did it go (before the diff went)............. :O :O :O :O I LOVE it :thumb:

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it wasnt the diff.


The bolts that hold the driveshaft to the stub axle had come out.


I went and paid £200 for a diff before even looking at the car :roll: new rule: dont assume :( :D



just been down Ford, the bolts are 'no longer serviceable' :curse: (who the Fcuk makes that desision :vangry: ), so i'm hunting for bolts now.....


still, I have a good diff for when it does go :cheers: :rolleyes:

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