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Mike C

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what bout this?


I was expecting em to be over 1k for one nowhere near as good as this!


would it fit physically and could i hook up more than 1 thing to this?


IE/ This and sumkinda console probably a PS3 by the time i get round to doing it lol




Kenwood Touch Screen



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PM john16v and / or Chris (mentalcorsa) about a guy called Jon Shaw. He sold lots of audio equipment, some of which could also be sourced through eBay (not him selling it though, some japenese seller!).


They may have his website, I bought a motorised in-dash 7" widescreen TV. £270 delivered Christmas Eve 8)


Could have bought the same thing for £250 on ebay, but at least the money stays in the country this way, seems more secure n' all :thumb:

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