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serious question


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ok, my dad is getting a new car very soon and he likes the look of the mondy ST220. i asked him about the escos but he doesnt reckon my mum will let him get one cos they are so old, and if they break, they BREAK


he will have about 16k to spend so lets have some surgestions.......


its gotta be a family car so no little sporty things although he wants it to be fast


also for any cossy owners, what are cossies like for running costs compared to say a 51-reg mondy




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he like the ST220 as it looks modern, i and him reckon no to a cossy cos if it fooks up then game over and mi mum will go mad and probably kill us lol


i been looking at skylines, EVO's, impreza's but TBH i prefer the look of the mondy


with ur jap, ur gonna have the same problem, albeit if it's newer, it may be warrantied. If its a totally standard cossie, i dount there'll be much of a problem, same with the jap, but its when the boost goes up.


I reckon ST220 cos IMO it's the best looking and most practical out of all them cars, gonna be cheaper running costs and a much more practical "family" car for everyday use, with a nice chunk of power to boot



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ST220, gotta be really, hasn't it?


If not, an Imprezza is deffo worth a look. Top of my list of cars i'd like to own, other than a Ford! I've heard they're fitted with 6-pot boxers in Japan, however with their strict emission laws, these engines usually get replaced. Either that or the car goes on the grey market. Them 6-pots are meant to be bloody capable engines.


No other suggestions, i'm afraid.



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the M3 Evolution cos weve heared that u can get a BMW guarantee for £400 a year or summit


BMW 'Extended Warranty' :thumb:


Well worth it. It's a one-off payment each year which covers you for all components which don't suffer normal wear (ie. not brake pads, lights, etc.....)


The price remains £400 per year and doesn't increase as the car gets older. However you must keep the FBMWSH and stay within the time / mileage tolerances.


It'd be a great selling point for when you trade it in too :)

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