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I am repairing a machine at the moment. It is a packard bell. I installed windows and the machine keeps on resetting after a while, when loading.

It does not even finish the installation, instead at a certain point, it keeps on resetting.


Any ideas?


I am thinking may be the motherboard. But I dont want to come to conclusions yet..


It is defenitely not to do with windows, as I have tried all versions, 98, me, 2k and xp....

but on xp and 2k it resets earlier on than in 98. very confused.




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tried that too,.. it goes to the loading screen,..(graphics -perfect) then in the middle, it just resets.


Let me explain how it does in windows 2k/xp.

I put the installation cd and it copies the files, then it restarts.

The windows 2k screen loads up with the bar at the bottom. In under half way of the status bar, it resets.


I have done so many computers and this is the first time, it has got stuck like this......

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could be anything mate, could be a hardware problem, irq conflict, Ram "fcuked, esd" down to a crack on motherboard or even faulty hd. try it in ur pc if it works then u know its a hardware problem, then in ur pc still try the different hardware in urs from the other until it resarts again, if its all fine put it all back together in other pc and if it does it then its mb. where u from?
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Gants Hill, Ilford

about 139 miles away from ya.:P


Well tomorrow, I am going to put the os using another machine and then see if it boots up nicely.

If not, I have to start playing with different hardware....

The funny thing is that, bios loads up nicely and it does not complain on ram, etc. I need a diagnostic floppy, which I need to borrow from my mate next week.


Now it has to be between the ram, graqphics card or the mother board.


See how it turns up



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