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just had a mini heart attack!

speed freak j

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had no lights on and was in the path. was just infront of us hit twig and flew over the handle bars. if he fell in the road we woulda run hime over. mum got out to c if he was ok and he had blood pooring out his head but didnt wana say where he lived or anything. another bloke pulled over and he helped instead so we left. im just really glad he didnt fall in the road. just kinda shocked it all happened so quickly. 8o
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i remember summet like that bout 2 months ago - -



went campin in Pendine (local seaside town where Top Gear were)


and went into the village to get some food and it was late evening,


anyway - was driving back to where we were campin and you gotta go round a 90 degree right hand turn (which if you comin down the hill has a massive wall infront of you) and a bloke comes round this corner and falls straight off his bike was funny as fook. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:


when we got back to the camp place we tol the others, and 3 of our other m8's that turned up earlier remembered that they saw a bloke come down the hill and go straight into the wall flat out :O 8o must've bloody hurt :rolleyes:

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