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FAO Sparkles!!


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Hi mate, ive just seen in your sig the times for your car, and just wondered where the power 'kicks' in on em? I say this as the other day i was behind one at the trafiic lights (c/w rep boy and his missus) and he kept looking in his rear view and laughing, now this dont really bother me but then his missus turned and laughed at me!! :vangry:


So when he pulled off quick i just pulled off with him and he couldnt lose me at all, in fact IMO i could have got right at the side of him and he wouldnt have lost me, i then saw sense (an an eddie stobart coming) and slowed down only for him to boot it still and race off feeling victorius.


I must admit, the car impressed me alot! :cheers:

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Could have been worse, she could have laughing at the noise your shed made when the diff broke!!  :baby:


Taxi anyone??!  :cheers:


:thumb:  ;)


Nah, doubt anyone would have heard that in their own cars :P


new diff goes in tomoz......wonder how long that will last.


you're car powerful enough to kill the diff? :D :P

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Laugh?!  any Ford enthusiast worth their sort should respect and admire the classic RS






she was prolly laughing cos Kevs is an XR3i :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Ah so XR3i with ZVH engine in then? If its an RS replica then no one should know! lol



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Well according to you when i bought it, you said it werent an everyday car and that they'd be fcuked within no time! Still going strong!!  :D

Apart from Rad which now has a great big fookin hole in!!  8o


Hows the neck anyway squarepants??


on and off tbh, was fine till today, where a few twinges have re-appeared :curse:


hopefully back to work Monday :)


theres still time for your car to go wrong, you've only had it 5 mins :roll:

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