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Opinions Please

Mike C

What should i do to the GTi this winter?  

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right, just a thought. My plans were to get an extra bit of power before i could go full on with a Zetec Turbo conversion and lots more, and then get a carbon fibre bonnet made, more ICE etc next year. But now i'm thinking is that the right thing to do or should i go for that stuff now and leave the 2.0 out until i go for the turbo and get it all done at once? I could still NOS the 1.8 until then for an extra bit of power.


so just wondering what YOU think i should do and feel free to give any comments as to why


cheers :cheers: :D



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Just thought of this......


Obviously it'll be the 2L being turbo'd. But you will have that engine in your car if you get a new one installed, which means the engine will have to come out whilst it gets worked on!


If it was Giles doing the work, wouldn't he prefer to build the engine then swap when it was complete.... like Harvez is doing.

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I mean the engine you want turbo converted will be in your car! When it is removed you will probably want your car safe home in the garage?


Well you got the problem of either;


Getting the car home after engine is removed.....




Delivering the engine to the workshop from your house (otherwise you end up with both in the wrong place LOL).

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