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forgive me father


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The fact that i haven't washed the GTI for two weeks is bad enough :( but in that time i've done over a thousand miles in it :D (usually washed 4 times in that time) and its absolutely minging so tomorrow i am gonna give her the full works inside and out.

last time it was washed was three thursdays ago the night before i travelled 360 miles down to lizard point for me mates wedding (best man duties:thumb:) then clocked up another 100 miles while i was down there then 360 miles on the way home then local miles over the last week, was really nice to actually drive the car a good distance not just to work and back, there is some fantastasticly twisty roads down in cornwall and for any one who has driven the full length of the M5 that is one longass bitta straight boring road :nutter: , still top weekend first time without kids for 8 years :drunk: just me the wifey the GTI and the open road :devil: didn't get caught in any traffic cruised all the way there between 70 and 100 and something and used a tank of fuel each way tok the oppertuneity to slop half a bottle of injector cleaner each way so hopefully thats helped the zetec a little bit.

the car ran like a dream all the way there and back can't belive that i done all those mile across several countys and still didn't make the spotted page 8o

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