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turbo question


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our looking at 5 - 6k  at least for a job done right m8y, cant just bolt on a turbo to a non-tubro car with out shits loads of work



you can, but it just aint worth it.


but its this chaps money so....


yeah, can be done for about 2k

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i want a straight forward bolt on turbo kit for my gti.. no uprated internals jobby, running low boost... any one know who? where? how much?


thanx :)



the conversion doesn't sound that complicated from the guides i have read and if you can do most of the work yourself and source the parts second hand i think it's definately worth turbocharging your gti imo.

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i have nitrous already, thats my power.. just want a turbo whistle and the psssshhh from nthe d/v



If you want something to look cool with nitrous get one of them purge valves with the led's.


For the money you'd spend you'd be better saving up a bit more and doing it properly and going even faster.

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If you have your heart set on this i would do most of it myself "most of the part getting" :D


you can have a copper headgasket made for about £80 to drop your compresion

by a T3 turbo from Ebay and Exhaust manifold for about £150 EFI inlet manifold for about £15, escort cossi small turbo injectors for about £50 £escort cossi fuel pump £100 transit TD intercooler £50 escort RST rad £20 BOOST pipes and water pipes £50


about £150 for the oil feed return and new stud holes for the inlet and exhaust manifolds


some form of engine management to run it all Cossi/DTA/secs


Probebly a few other things i have mist but thats a good start


and find a tuner to help you put it all togather custom map for about £500 and your flying!


all that for about £3000 i recon:p


the standard pistons and rods wont take mutch abuse but if you run low boost you can get steel jobbys when you feel you want more power :cheers:


thats what i would do anyway :thumb:



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