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Change of Engine?

Scuba Matt

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Hey guy's looking for some technical Know how from the techies around here


My question is would it be possible to put an Escort Cosworth engine into a mark 5 cabriolet,? ?(


I Know that the engine is transverse instead of lateral ( I think thats the right way round) So new engine mounts would have to be designed and welded into the car and new wiring loom and all other parts uprated ( such as fuel pump ect) but is it possible? 8)


I am just thinking of ways of making my car unique If I did this I don't think I would ever look at seeling it unless forced and time isn't an issue as i can find someone willing to do it and leave the car with them while I am away and I have the money just not sure if I want to spend it. But I wouldn't half have a great show car after doing that. I've seen many different engine mods on cabs buit not this one. :devil:


So anyone got any input or even contacts I could talk to when home of course I guess I would have to have a chat with evos premier mechanic Giles fancy aking the question to him for me Lee :D

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You plan on keeping transverse mounting then? :)


A cossie engine was installed in a KA.... so it's possible. :thumb:


Not sure how much ££££ it would cost to sort out sump mods though, as cornering will mean the oil moves differently to designed! :O

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