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someone has damaged my car!!!


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everyday i check my car, because now we have the others it's the only one thats not driven everyday :( i don't scan it, just have a good look round it, anyway did this wednesday morning, nothing new although i did find a couple of scratches near the headlight on tuesday!! :vangry: went out yesterday and got into the estate which was parked next to it and glanced down the side of it as i was waiting for kev and remember thinking that looks like my wings bent!!! ;) went out, came back and did the usual scan, and headed for the wing and oh my god!!! :jaw: :curse: after a close examination it looks like my front passenger side wing has been wrenched out from underneath!! :vangry: of course this has cracked the paint on the outside and left it in a nice sort of pointy shape!!!! :censored: i don't think it was done on purpose cos it was the front so it was nearest the front door, if they wanted to damage it i would of thought it made more sence to do summut to the back end which is nearer the road!! i do know who was at the house the evening before and the one guy is A a idiot and B extremely clumsy, i think he has put his bike on the floor and when lifting it back up caught the handle bar under the rim of the arch!! :vangry: :curse: :censored: so pissed off, it's gone into storage today, will come out next week for the fast ford thing then it's going back!!!! :nutter: one good point, one of the neighbours gets there drive back cos i only have 4 to park now!!! :roll:
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