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im a chav


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ive just been reading about chavs i typed it in google and came to the conclusion that ia m a chav 8o my favourite designer name is burberry i almost always wear a baseball cap i have got a staffie and somewhere it said that chavs have ferocious dogs all chavs like modding cars i have a modded car chavs smoke i do so i really am a chav oh well if i want to spend £400 on a coat i do if i wanna spend £50 on a baseball cap i do but i am happy and thats what matters i hope nobody on here thinks any less of me because i am a chav 8)
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the ultimate tell tell sign is lots of jewwlery?


but as long as ur a nice chav that dosent cause trouble i will think no less of you.



but if ur still having trouble deciding here's somthing i put up earlier





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I'd never though Web was a chav! For a start they ain't gonna pay the money web does on real burberry!


I didn't see web drinking white lightening on the night before trax..... or trying to start random fights :roll:


And why was Dunks thread (the one jade has a link to) closed! ;(


Were having some good arguments :D

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