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Spax Adjustable Suspension - Shocks And Springs


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Spax adjustable suspension kit (shocks and springs) for all mk5 escorts and im told will fit mk6 escorts as well (using the mk6 strut tops) but im not 100% on this so find out for sure first.


It looks lowered about 60mm.


Info here



Need the space as im moving hence £150 :cheers

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Ah right ok cheers. How is it fitted on a mk6?


the tie rod is fitted to the strut directly behind it (looking "through" the wheel at the strut) where as the mk5 tie rod, atattches (sp) to the strut via a bar that sticks out at 90 degrees. dont quote me on that though, i've only seen mk5 struts in piccies, never in the metal :innocent:

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