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Car plans for the winter

Matthew H

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im getting some escos brakes of this dodgy geezer off here :P


im getting a 130ps throttle body off Cyrix.......mate where is it, i still aint ot it, u said u'd post it last monday at the latest???


im getting a viper induction kit which im waiting for delivery of, im getting an induction pipe bit made from Lee @ fusion


then im either saving for 3 months for the 2.0 OR get a radar detector next m0onth then start saving for 3 months for the 2.0, i still aint decided what yet

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Car will come off road as soon as the fiesta is back on!


Front bumper, bonnet, rear bumper, rear lights, exhaust, tailgate and spoiler are being modded. New side repeaters..... gotta work on the dash too.


Probably some cosmetic things I've forgotten...... most cash will be going on a standard 2L, then engine work from spring next year once I've decided what route I'm going :thumb:

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