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WTF! Pillow Fight Anyone


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Flash-mobbers stage pillow fight 

News Headlines: Britain 




Published: 06-Oct-2004; 21:41

By: ITN 





Flash-mobbers have met outside St Pauls Cathedral in London for a massive pillow fight.


About 100 people turned up as instructed, but it is not clear who will clean up the feathers.


Flash mobbing is the bizarre internet craze sweeping the world. It involves a crowd of people suddenly turning up at random location for no real reason.


Participants find out about the gatherings on websites and by email.


This time an email was doing the rounds to those in the know, inviting them to assemble at St Pauls armed with their fluffy weapons.


The rules of the event - modelled on the film Fight Club starring Brad Pitt and Ed Norton - were pasted on the internet.


The instructions said: "Tell everyone about pillow fight club.


"Turn up at pillow fight club venue with pillow in plastic carrier bag.


"At exact given time pull pillow from bag and fight.


"Do not fight anyone without pillow in hand (unless they want it)."


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I took part in the manchester flash mob last july / august [2003].. absolutely comedy. They had to die off for like a year coz it was becoming too well known and the element of surprise had gone..


The pillow thing looks hilarious. I have no doubt that I'll be taking part again sometime :cheers:

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