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Cossie - first proper thrash

Lee R

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Sounds mint! :O


At what point and gear does it not break traction? :D


Are you still on standard wheels? :)


on high boost, its still spinning into 3rd :roll: , and yeah, on standard wheels. :thumb: running Yoko A520's


should be better on some 215/40x17's when the time comes :)


need a passenger to flick from low to high as I go into 3rd :roll:

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Cool Lee, it's such a 'buzz' aint it!

What is the spec of the engine Lee??



a quick round up is:


fully rebuilt,

decked pistons for slightly lower comp

new crank

machined block

gas flowed head and ported with 3 angle seats

standard cams

T34 with .55 ex


3 bar map

gp A cone filter

peaks 25/26psi and hold 22/23psi :thumb:


it pegged Northampton Motorsports roller at 300 @ the wheels, (340-350 @ flywheel) so it summat slightly more than that :) :thumb:


it has 2 stage boost


high is as above, a low is a 15psi held. on high boost its a waste of time in 1st and 2nd (even in the bone dry) so I have to have a third hand to flick the switch when going in 3rd :roll:


but yeah, tis quick :thumb:

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