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Transit clear rears?!!!! i Shite you not!!&#33

Mk6 Si Ross

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bet lee will be pissed when he sees these and they havent brought anything out for the estates



you really think i'd put clear rears on any car of mine? :roll:


some smoked stuff would be nice :(



surely if they do clear ones then they might consider doing smoked ?(

also how different are the transit lights from the estate lights ?(

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You'd probably be surprised, i've quite often seen people asking about mods for Transits


Mind you, you don't really see a Tranny doing the rounds on the local high street, do you?


I'd think if they're bringing out clears for the Tranny, there'll be some for the Escort Estate too. but then, I guess they'll only do it based on Demand, really...



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