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Over the moon


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Went go karting with 11 workmates last night at a track ive never raced on. Anyway, i came 2nd in the first race, won the 2nd , won the 3rd and won the 4th and came 5th the 5th race. Won the semi final and won the final and now have a trophy sitting proudly above my fireplace. Was side by side with one guy in one race and wasnt gonna let him get by. Kept outbraking him and getting it sideways, great fun :D Sorry if this post is boring but im just so happy, showed all the guys up who have been to the track loads of times and are older then me lol :thumb: :cheers:
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Well done, i love Karting but rarely get to do it.


How about getting an Evo meet sorted where we can go Karting, followed by a nice meal????*idea*


Swindon has a great circuit (indoors) and can easily use the pub (beef eater) that we held the last Swindon meet as the food is cheap and very nice.Would make a great day out too. Anyone?? Al.

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