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WRC Spoiler for Mk5/Mk6


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I bought this spoiler originally wanted to fit to my car. But now the plan is changed - I'd rather spend the money on a 2.0L engine or Morettes.


It is of a two pieces design like the real Escort WRC one, so the top piece is adjustable, unlike the ESP Design one that drags your car and slows you down. McRallying currently sells this for 325.63GBP... http://www.mcrallying.net/popuppics/esc602.htm


Item is brand new, made of fibreglass, currently in black undercoat, and needs professional spraying and fitting. Should fit both Mk5 and Mk5b/Mk6 tailgate with little adjustment (fibreglass!). I sanded down some of it already.




(Please note that the top piece is NOT fixed to the bottom piece, so you can still adjust it before fitting. I just hold the top piece on to take the pics only.)


I am looking for 150.00GBP collected. Posting is possible but we need to find a suitable courier as well as packaging material first.


I am in Warrington, Cheshire - inbetween Manchester and Liverpool. Can meet halfway within 20 miles.


May swap for Escort Mk6 stuff.


Accept Paypal, Nochex, Fastpay, bank transfer, cheque, postal order, cash (if picking up). I prefer direct bank transfer.


PM or reply or email or MSN wywywywy@hotmail.com


Many thanks.

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I have a sub already.


Unless you have a P4 2.8GHz (socket 775 version) or good watercooling gear, I am not interested in computer bits. In fact I need to sell my computers/computer bits too...


Not interested in mobile bits, sorry.


Would be interested in 2.0L engine, Morettes, RS2000 rear brakes, GTi seats, bucket seats, PDA, radar detector, 28" wide screen flat TV, AV receiver (with DTS), Marlboro cigarettes (a lot of)... with cash adjustment either way.

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