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probs with rev counter


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i have a 97 escort chicane with a 1.6 zetec engine... my car came without a rev counter and i have tried to fit one... but it just doesnt work... i think im going to have to get a new wiring loom out of an LX or Si... any suggestions ? any looms for sale ? just the interior one


... if anyone fancies coming and having a go your more than welcome and ill give you a couple quid if you get it working :thumb:

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Cud give it another go when ive got soem more free time Andy, Probs be better to change the whole loom i think for what you want tho.


yeah... ill have a mooch around this week for a new loom and we have a bash at it... just bought some lowering springs too !... Gmax brand new 40mm ones... £35 quid ! so ur welcome to gimme a hand with them ! lol :thumb:

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