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Gotta get out.........


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of me mothers house by next saturday,

(had a massive fukcin argument) well friday will be the last night i can get on here and was just wondering if there was anyway sum ppl who have my number would be able to contact me and such about up and comin events in the future in case its ages b4 i can get bk on, cos i'll need to buy another PC and everything and theres no way i can do that anytime soon,



oh yeah and the problem of finding a place to live that actually has a fone line :tired:



oh yeah this next bit is for Nikmk6........ print these out in colour please, my printer is naffed CLICK HERE print off a few of each pls



make that now is the last time i can use EVO cos the old b1tch just threw a ment again and she cancelin the net when i in work 2moro

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sorry guys i'm off i cant cope with having that fukcin WENCH in my ear all the time :nutter: :nutter: :nutter: :nutter: :censored: :censored: :vangry: :vangry: :curse: :curse: the morei sit here the morei get bitched at,



if anybody actually wants my mobile number im sure Nik can PM them from college 2moro if she sees this.


THX guys

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if anybody on here has met my mother they can explain, throughout my life i have been ruled by her (since my father left her when i was 8) i have always been called a mistake and have had to watch my brother take abuse when she gets p1ssed off (he only 7) and i have always been afraid of her in the way of if she gets 2 close i back away and its got to the point l8ly that even when i'm with Nik if nik raises her arms to put round me i duck and cover my face and shy away from everything,


She helped me out when i needed it but all she has done over the past 2 years is use it against me. i dont need all that, and yes i do love my mother as every1 does, but i dont like being treated the way i do, gettin humiliated in front of ALL my m8s and the like.


im always worried about goin home when i know no1 else is in the house for all the shouting,


i showed her the PF feature cos my aunt had taken an interest in it, and all she did was put me down and her exact words were "how fukcin pathetic, why waste time money and life on things like that, you all need to grow up and get a life" in front of all my mates with a really bad tone and vibe about it,


and Lee m8 its not me being hasty, she has given the orders and has already made arrangements for ppl to be waitin when i come home on saturday to stop me entering the house

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