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RS 2000

Wayne B

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seen a rs for sale today its in panther black i think its a r reg only see it quikley as it was in some ones drive and i was in a moveing car but i think its priced at £2 grand ono :D is that a good price,iam going to have a proper look 2mrow only thing is its a 3dr and i really need a 5 dr car tho :thumb:
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hmmmm, only made RS2000's upto P-Reg and i don't think they ever made one in Panther Black either tbh, must be a rep i'd say...........


EDIT: if it were only a glance, maybe it was a "P" and u just misread it, as for the colour i may well be wrong, just don't remeber seeing a panther black one, and, again, if it was a quick glance it cudd been ash black, so maybe it was an RS


go check it out :cheers:

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