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I am back now


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hi everyone, i have just come of my holiday


Florida was excellent stayed in a villa in Kisimee and went to disney and universal, went on rides such as incredible hulk tower of terror 4 etc, wnt on them all and of course disney do a character dinner where i saw tigger and others


was very good, would recommend the experience on disney and universal to anyone!



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i love Florida, was there in September last year :thumb:


Did ya get a hire car to drive??? i always upgrade!! why not, your on holiday!! :D


You can check out my pics on photobucket!! http://photobucket.com/albums/1003/florida2003/


I ventured down to Tampa Bay too, the beach and Busch Gardens :cheers:

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i will add some piccys soon to mate, just gettin all the best ones and i may even do an online scrap book. i didnt drive not for another 6 years and i wud defo have the mustang, i want one


went to Disney like Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Mgm Studios, Blizzard beach Waterpark, Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark, NASA St Petersburg for the beach for a day, Universal twice and Alot of shoppin




P.S First day was no power, no food, due to hurricane jean being there the night we landed! but we still want for a swim for a min in the pool was really scary!

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i didnt rate florida until i went kev but new york would be cool to go to and to watch the new york nicks, i was thinkin of going to LA next year but i am going snowboardin instead with some mates but not to sure about vegas though even though someone i know from bowlin has just got married there. :cheers:
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