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Looks like the beast of all subs is up 4 sale...


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I have a professional 'ground zero' 15" Competition 3600watt (a massive 1200 watts RMS!!) sub with box that i might sell. Also have a pretty much brand new amp to run it as well which cost me £400 a few months ago but ive used it probably twice as i havent the room in my boot to keep it with the sub. I am a DJ and use my car to transport my kit now so having a boot install isnt practical any more :( :(


The sub is absolutely massive and weighs 7 stone!!! U can always tell the quality of a sub by its weight ;) Quite a few people on here have seen it and will vouch how big and loud this sub is. It will quite literally blow the back window out at full tilt.


The sub costs over a grand new on its own! - and as i have said i have spent £400 on the amp a few months ago (still boxed as new under guarantee). I really dont want to sell this kit as it took me ages to get hold of a sub like this. If u dont believe me just try and find one this spec for sale in this country!! I just cant justify having this amount of kit just sat there doing nothing so its up 4 sale.


This is the sub next to a 12" '1000 watt' JBL sub!! :P




And a pic of the sub mid way through myboot install - not a great pic but u get the idea of the size of it;




Here is a pic of the amplifier. It looks a lot bigger in real life than in this pic btw!




and here is a link to the amp makers web site :)




I am also including the box for the sub, which is professionally made and very solid :)


Now if u bought this kit new (well the amp is new really) it would cost you over £1500. I am pricing it to sell at the bargain price of £480


Bearing in mind i have just spent £400 on this amp alone imo this is a total bargain!!!! Let me know if u have any questions :)

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Sorry mate i dont wanna separate it. It took me ages to get hold of an amp powerful enough to run it properly lol


Im not sure if ill take an offer below asking price just yet mate as i only just spent £400 on the amp and the sub costs over a grand new. Plus ive had loads of intrest already! U have PM ;)

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