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kerbing wheels on the move???


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right, bin happenein a cpl month now,,,,,,


when i go round corners the wheels grind on the deck,,,,,,,these corners generally are long not too steep.


i've had the suspension tightened, the tyres balanced, blown up to spec PSI, tracking done......


only thing i can think of arms???


anything else????



ALSO inside tread is still wearing

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thought no1 wud lol



right when i go around long sweeping bends (like big round abouts say)

the wheels grind on the floor, not LOADS but it takes enough of the wheel off, its painful to hear/feel/see


i've done everything possible that i can think of.....


what can be rong??


is that better???

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its defo the wheels hitting the floor is coz i feel it threw the steering wheel and when i get out and have a look at the wheels thers lush sliver bumps/scrathces/holes/mole hills/anything else you can think of that make wheels look shite lol


its soooo painful to hear/see

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