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Been out powerkiteing for the 1st time :eek:


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Just had a new powerkite delivered for my shop today - got it on trial so thought i'd give it ago


1st ever attempt and i think a 11.5 meter kite was abit ambitious, needless to say i now have some nice rope burns and thought i'd taken a finger clean off


when it started dragging me down the field i rapidly learned how to brake


Boom Skite 11.5m awsome


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sounds cool :P just been looking round ur site, tis quite good - but £500 for a kite  8o 8o bloody ell - but that mountain boarding looks completely mental  8o  8o  8o  :eek:  :devil:

will be updating kites this weekend with alot more stuff. There are kite packages available for that price which includes boards, lines, bar, harness, pump etc but only got kites for the water online at mo need to pull my finger out and get the new stuff online!


Mountainboards are awsome :D can even get some with brakes, proper off road madness :drool:

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