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Americans slating GM


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We're all a fan of Ford here, right? Well, most of us anyway. Some of us go as far as to slate Vauxhalls/Opels all the time


We've all heard of big american names such as Cadillac, Pontiac, and Chevreolet. These, like Vauxhall/opel are all in the control of General Motors (GM)


Ford UK and Ford USA usually bring out their own models. Besides the Probe and the Explorer, I can't really think of a USA born & bred car being brought out in the UK (Though I have to admit, i've looked several times at the MK1 Mondeo saloon and saw American design there).


GM, however, take a car designed, born and bred in europe and tries to sell it in the US and Australia (As Holden) as a completely new car, with completely new designs.


Here's one guy who's decided to slate them about this. Makes for interesting reading and you notice things you might not otherwise notice!




I have to laugh at the comparison between the new Chevvy Malibu Maxx being compared to a 5-door MK3 Escort, but when you look at it, you see the comparison pretty clearly!!! Take a look, Won't really make you laugh but it might open your eyes a bit.



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