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Wayne B

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come home from work was on the bus,some little shite throw a stone at the bus :curse: poped the window,i was sat next to the window that smashed,all over me and in my mouth,spent 5 hours in a&e :censored: but 5 mins before the kid threw the stone my little girl was sitting by the window that smashed.

luckey it wasent her who had glass over her.but the police werent to bothred about the kid smashing the window :nutter: so iam not sure what to do next about it all,any one got any advice :(

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i had a row with the kids father,he said he kicked a football and a stone flew up and hit the bus. i wish i took a pic off the window,i nearly lost my temper with the kids dad but i thought i better not do any thing as i would get done by the old bill


xray was funny in the hospital all you could see in my wind pipe was little bits off glass,the doc said let nature take it courese about the glass leaveing my body.iam scared to go to the toilet now lol

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I think your traumatised by your experience ;) maybe a little compensation :thumb:


i was thinking that but mot sure who to sue the bus company or the parents off the kid.

give some no-win no-fee guys a bell, its a sure fire win with the x-ray results wether the bus co. or the kid is sued :thumb:

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Would be a lot easier to sue the bus company...... but what did they do wrong!? ?(


Nothing, they cannot anticipate little shits chucking stones at their buses! I would never sue a party which in my eyes were innocent, even if the fucked up law in this country meant they could be held partly responsible. :kill:

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