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Front Bumper with cosworth lip and ST24


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Right i got two bumpers in my front garden, a standard mk6 bumper with a cosworth lip on it, it has two bolt on fogs atm, they can be easily removed and i also have an st24 which has a slight crack in it about 2cm long, barely noticeable tbh but ill get pics 2nite. they r both in that blue colour (i know so helpful arent i) :D if u saw the pic i posted of my m8s mums scort a while ago its that blue.


selling em cuz i bought em a while ago intending to use em, but since im getting a celica gt4 now....i cba lol.


u can have em both for 120 quid, if ur going the RR day ill bring em otherwise it will have to be pick up since im extremely tight for money this month i dont have the spare petrol :(

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