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PC Problems.....


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Right then, try this one......


On Saturday my pc downloaded Windows Service Pack 2 as an automatic update. It started installing but I could see it was gonna take ages. So I clicked to turn the pc off, and it said did I want to End Task on the installation, to which I replied yes :(


Now it takes forever to start up, and when I finally get to my desktop a small window opens with 'preparing to start windows installer' as a title. This just sits there then disappears, nothing happens ?( The pc seems to be running fine, but just takes about 10 mins to boot up. And I cant log into my PayPal account at the moment, hope this isnt connected ?( X(

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basically u shudnt of stopped the installation of a service pack lol

I know, but time was getting on, pub was calling, and the match was about to start :drunk:

try using system restore to restore it to a time b4 u bolloxed it up

In English ?( :D

pete paypal was takeing ages to load up yesterday,think they are doing matincence to it tho

Thats good to know :thumb:

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