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escos front bumper!!!!!!!!! now £


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i got this the other day but after alot of thought i have decided to keep the look of my car simple for the moment and spend some money under the bonnet first. its a four piece fibreglass copy of a escort cosworth bumper which comes with the splitter and the hockey sticks .its not the cheap all in one moulded one. its got a couple of chips on it and a little crack on the top p#of the splitter nothing a bit of filler woulndnt cure then just prime ,paint and fit...... im not asking the earth for it just my money back on it £80 no offers. woodz77@ntlworld.com or 07796072993




i need the space so come round and put £50 in my hand and take it away

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ive got to work saturday bo**ox!!!! im definitly up for the next one !!!! northampton is only an hour away aswell could have been a nice day.instead im putting up a decking in Hackney where that 18 monthbaby got shot this week . nice area!! love the lawn mower joke.i just never have time or its raining!!!!
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good deal but dont fit mk6s does it?

Nah, won't fit mk6's. Would if you cut the top 'flat' bit off your bumper then attached it to this with resin..... but lots of work and could have dodgy lines if not done perfect.


Good deal imo 8)

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