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a few bits

Demon Escort S

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A few bits for sale offers on these, i would prefer to collect these or bring them to a club meet.


drivers side electric m3 wing mirror and passenger side base plate (passenger side wing mirror was stolen) (silly mone yon these might be good as a spare, its painted in radient red in really good consition, no scratches or chips and mirror glass is mint)



mk 5 interior base plates for electric wing mirrors (standard and in perfect working order)(i dont know if these will go on the mk6 but should do)




CVH valve steam seals (these are in perfect condition and are a complete set) (i've also got 2 CVH heads, 1 rst and 1 1600i, also got the valves aswell)



these are the bits that go onto m3 wing mirrors, these will fit any m3 wing mirror (these will prob go in the bin so these are for free.)



Standard MK5 front grill



4 Stud Wheel spacers (2x10mm and 2x6mm)



A mk5 wing mirror (drivers side, no mirror glass)



i'm not really fussed bout prices that much as these will prob go in the bin if they dont sell so if u want one then either post in here or send me a pm.





P.S. sorry for the big pics :ph34r:

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hi mate i will have the standard front mk 5 grill of you for a couple of quid or something and i will pick it up or if you are going on the southend cruise get it then or something



i go southend every week so can meet up with ya to give them to ya.


call the grill £5

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yea alright mate 5 pound should look ok on my car you going down southend tonight if you are i will meet you there tonight or something


Tonight? Its Thursday today, I go up on saturdays, staying in with the gf tonight.

Oh I hope u realise it does need to be painted, hence the price,

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yea i have to paint it my colour of my car i know getting the paint and stuff tonight for them ready so should i meet you at the cruise on saturday at thurrock you going on that one


Didn’t know anything about it, I've never been to a meet for this club, I'll come along see what its like, where are the details on here for it?

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