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2 didd questions so plaese read past the title


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firstly are mk4/5/6 CVH engine mounts the same as mk5/6 1300 HCS engine mounts???




secondly you all must've seen my wanted posts so incase an RST engine comes up cheaper/quicker than a zeted engine, what are the differences in wiring and everything else between an RST engine fiesta/escort respectively and does anybody have any pictures?


my mk5b 1400 CVH has pretty much the same wiring as my Zetec 16v engine bar the inlet as they are single point/multipoint injection.


and could i use my inlet from the zetec on an rst engine? - inlet is the one that comes up over the engine

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Ian you been a great help so far and i really need any information you may have involving theese 2 engines. :thumb:


so Ian included if anybody has any close up pictures of RST's of any kind from under the bonnet please post them here so i can have a butchers :thumb:


i mean now anything to do with mounts, connectors, wiring, gearbox, radiator/piping anything really would be a great help, even documentation of the wiring of RS engines :cheers:

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to put one in your mk6 a short list of what u meed is cvh egine and gearbox mounts, s1 rst gear box, not a s2! wiring, err pass maybe get a auto electician to make a loom up from the 2 looms you have.i cant really take any pics as the cars away atm :( mountins the same as 1 1.6 cvh mk5 tho
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s2 box dont have the same front mount mate. in a s2 theres a plate that fits under the box and kinda onto a lower slam pannel which a mk3/5/6 doesnt have. so the mk3 shares the same front mount as the 5&6.


i would say its very very likely that the engine mounts are the same, theres only the one i think>? on the left of the engine.

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even the fiesta RST engine is EFi and Escort RST if MFi i cant see how it would make a difference if i changed the manifolds and stuff round cos surely the difference between the 1400 cvh i have now and say the engine in Matts(i think) van is the same really as what we have between the RST engines, as mine now is CFi and the other is EFi but the bare block should be the same ?(



plus i just fiund this >>>



what is the difference (if any) between the fuel pumps and such and even the ECU of ERST engines to the FRST engines (EFI - Non EFi)


hope i make sense here X(

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