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It's that time of year again....


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When theres little shites setting fireworks off constantly weeks b4 nov 5th, even in the friggin day light, whats all that about?!? :vangry: ;)


and in a few weeks, ppl begging ppls doors, for halloween day. ok, young children out with their parents asking for sweets etc, i dont mind, but older kids, 10 yrs and older begging? they can feck right off :censored:


whats every1's takes on these traditions?

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fireworks really p1ss me off my dog goes mad and theres fook all i can do about it and as for the w@nkers who come round wanting money off me i go and buy loads of sweets then 15/16 year olds come round and i give em sweets they look at u as if to say wtf is that :roll: :roll: :P
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We dont get either of them that much. Probably because we dont put the outside lights on and its very dark without them so probably too scared to come down the drive.


I am an authorised firework seller this year so no little kids will be getting any of them from me :evil:

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