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help needed very urgently!!!


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rite, so ive got a 1.6 cvh orion(h plate), tonight i took it on a fair old drive (about 3 hours) on the way back id put my foot down and nothing till it got to about half way down then itd kick in, this happended a fair bit, then when changing gears it kept dying. it was running but no power its not done it before tonight. then all of a sudden it cut out. popped the bonnet, and theres a see thru filter for the fuel that been fitted by the k&n, and it didnt have any it it (usually its about half full). i locked the car and unlocked it just to make sure it wasnt some bizare reason and the imob kicking in. still the same.

turning over no problems but not firing. Should when you put the ignition on be able to hear the fuel pump buz for a few secconds? i know you can on some cars but dont know about this car in perticular?

after about 15 mins it started up again and drove about 3 miles home with no problems what so ever? still no fuel in the filter under the bonnet when i checked tho?


anyh one with ideas or knowlage please help as i have to get back 150 miles 2morrow to make the rr day




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right, it seems to have sorted itself out now, i think it just must have dragged some crap up, as it did get low on fuel on monday as i couldnt find a station. ive dumped some injector/system cleaner in today before i drove it back from bradford (150ish miles) and not one problem so looks like all sorted. pumps pumpin, but still dont make a noise when you switch it on :confused:
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