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Series 2 RS Turbo


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I currently have for sale a D-reg Series Two RS Turbo, the car is white and comes with a pioneer pop off head unit with remote control, a 10" Kenwood sub and an amp, a Thatcham Cat1 Scorpion alarm, full Scorpion stainless steel exhaust and a dump valve the rest is pretty much standard. There is 11 months left on the MOT. There is a little bit off work required where there is a little bit of rust under the drivers side window which could do with being looked at, apart from that its a lovely car, it has quite high mileage (123,500) but it still drives fine. I,m looking for about £1600 but wont go any lower than £1500 as it is a nice car. if anyone is interested gimme a ring on


07976222309 anytime OR

(01752) 481219


i will try and get some photo's as soon as poss!



Plymouth :thumb:

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