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hoilday money

Wayne B

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puerto rico is very lively area :thumb:


doubt you will need much money as you can only bring back 200 fags from there and if your half board you only really need beer money and a little bit extra as it very cheap out there anyway


when i went to tenerife last year i went to an all inclusive hotel and i only took a hundred and spent most of that on crap as i didnt need it




have fun

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Watch out for the dodgy electronics shops mate if its anything like Lanzarote - don't be sucked in  :thumb:




but if you do want to purchase electrical gear (cause its quite cheap) you should make sure you go to your welcome meeting as the travel rep will tell you which shops are the genuine ones and which are con artists


but you also need to remember that because gran canaria is outside the EU you are not alowed :rolleyes: to bring home more than 150 quids worth of electrical items or gifts, which is pathetic if you ask me,

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i always go half board, and wher eva i go i take £1k, part from bulgaria (which is actually an unreal place to go "sunny beach" was the resort) feckin loved it!!


came back with £700 and brought loadsa fags ETC home )pf the smoking variety:@ lol

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