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FAO Marcus


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Marcus, could you gimme a little idea bout your exhaust system, ie. What the spec is, tailpipe size, CAT back, where you get it from, what it sound like etc ??


Im looking at getting mine next month, and just dabbling with the twin exit idea like yours.


Cheers pal

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WOW, i said all that without moving mi lips lol


yeah as above.......it cost £425 from here:



Smethurts Lane



Contact - Danny

on - 01204 854678


it sounds kool IMO, not too loud and not too quiet but is loverly when booting it. its gota nice burble on idle, only hting i hate it that it is loud inside the car after 75

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Cheers for the replies lads, even the ones marcus made before moving his lips, as he said :roll:


Will have to do a little more research me thinks :D


Think the nearest place to me that does Powerflow is in Ipswich, but my local place makes systems, so i might have to have a word with them :)

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