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Escort 1/2 Leather Gti Full Interior

Twisted Tenderness

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Ive Got Another Escort Gti 1/2 Leather Trim Forsale.

Complete 3 door trim with all door cards and rear quarter cards.

The trim is in good condition, no rips or wear but theres a little burn mark in the back seat. It was sold on Ebay for £160 but mateys fucked me around for the money. So if anybody wants it before i stick it back on ebay let me know.

I can deliver as long as i get some petrol money. My mobile is 07766353101

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The Front seats just need a bloody good clean, which i will do when i take them out of the car, plus i will feed the leather with some hide food.


This pic shows the little burn mark at the back of the seat by the stitching.


Alot of trim for the money.......... Ill be sticking back on Ebay Monday if no one wants it.

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