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Cant make it 2mora


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Hiya peeps


im sorry but im not coming tomorrow


2 reasons


1: My dad had a stroke last friday which i only found out till thrusday and hes in hosptial at the mo having tests, and also found he has a blocked part of his heart, so dont no whats happening yet.


2: The RS is of the road!! came home from getting petrol and hear a metal touching metal noise so rolled down a hill and pulled in and had a look, the fan belt has broken and also the bottom pully has fucked up and come off.


maybe this is a sign to stay at home with family over the weekend


so im sorry peeps, really disapointed about this, ive given Paul my place for 2mora


and he also bring the flags ian.


:) :) :) :) :) :)

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matt sorry to hear abot your dad,my dad had 2 strokes 1 minor the 2nd one a major one he lost all movement in his left side and his speech he made a good recovery he has a spech problem now just takes him longer to talk now.


matt just pm me or catch me on msn if you want a chat about it as i learnt a lot about strokes. :thumb:

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