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wrote the Cossie off

Lee R

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yep, seriously.... :roll:



wet road, 3rd gear, full boost, span out, thought i'd caught it......erm, no I didnt :rolleyes:


several spins later (I really dont know what happened, sure Rachy will say ;) ), and then backwards into a brick wall :rolleyes:



now its this...












only put my new G Sport stickers on today too ;(


ho hum, it happens, it was my fault, simple as...


onwards and upwards, just dont what yet :)



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Fcuking hell mate 8o

Are you OK? neck????

Are you sure its a write off?

I was trying to source the money to buy it!!!! :O  :O  :O

Very unfortunate mate ;(  ;(  ;(


deffo, its bolloxed...


neck is fine as at a certain point i knew i'd lost it, and braced myself :)

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Does giles know? :O  :kill:  :roll:


yeah, already in consoltation of what sort of car my engine may go into if I dont break the whole car....


Cossie 4x4 Capri anyone? :roll:





haha yea i back that one! :P


Unlucky mate, i'd be screwing! But as you say, you can get more money for parts than selling the car as one! If it went in my car i'd have it lol lol!

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