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Bye Bye Escort


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The deal is done. My Escort is gone and I'm now driving around in the luxury of a Ford Focus (well, I think it's luxury anyway!)


The garage only offered me £200 for the Escort :( So, I thought, stick that. They got it, but I took off additions such as the Ghia grille (It came with a black grille, but the Ghia grille was in the boot. The fella i bought it off bought the Ghia grille but didn't fit it. So I did. But i put the black one back on again). Chrome number plate surround to the front. And the 10+ months road tax that was left on the car, i'll claim that back.


The garage kinda robbed me, but then i was determined to get my Focus. They didn't even give me a tank of diesel! I also had to pay for road tax. I wasn't chuffed at that. but then, they've probably given me more than my escort was worth considering the engine running problems it had!


Anyway, when i've finally recharged the batteries for my digital camera, i'll get pics of the new car up here (they're taken, only the batteries ran out while i was taking pics :( )


So i better get a new siggy sorted out...



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wow bad news, focus are ugly mate :( ud have been better keepin the escort, specially as they only gave u 200 for it 8o


TD MK6 with a bashed door and some slight rust, 141,000 miles on the clock and running on only 3 and a bit cylinders.


In the end they gave us more for the Escort, they only offered £200 though. But We ended up getting £500 for it. Not bad, really, considering. Should've made that a bit clearer in my original post. Still took off my Ghia Grille n stuff though!


I like Foci, always have done. Promised myself, when i saw the first of them, that I'd get one. 6 years later, i have one!


Each to their own, i guess. Some like, some don't. Guess the Focus is a bit of a Marmite car, but then again, I like them, and they have won umpteen awards. And it's a dream to drive! So quiet, so comfortable. So much better than the Escort (Noisy and uncomfortable)



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ive had 2 escorts (1.4 mk5b and 1.6 mk6) and 2 focus's (1.4 and 2.0l)


and IMO i like the focus more, it may not have decent looks standard, but it can be turned into a nice subtle car and diffrent. the 52 plates and onwards, the interior is just superb, saying that the interior on my W reg one is quite nice too!


Also a very nice car to drive, the only con i have against the focus is the fuel economy....the only economic focus is one with its engine off. (or the TDCi model)

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