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GTA: San Andreas


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yes, its true.. as well as an abundance of exciting new features in San Andreas [October 29th] you can modify the motors that you steal :eek: :drool: , lmao.


Available mods from the tuning shops are..



Front Bumper

Rear Bumper










Lol, I'm taking a half a days leave when this comes out.. I can't wait. Its gonna be 6 times the size of Vice City.. u have to eat to survive, you have to go to the gym to stay in shape, u can get your hair cut, there will be swimming missions, no loading times, drive-by shooting, you can get tattoo's, rob houses... looks awesome.

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I wanna get San Andreas when it comes out.


I heard about this coming out back in July when i was at T in the Park and I said then i was gonna get it. Not that i'd heard much about it, just that i've got GTA III and GTA VC so, yeah. And I said months before hand (without hearing anything about it) that within the next year or so they'd bring out a San Andreas version. Simply because GTAIII was Liberty City, then they had Vice City, 2 of the cities from the original GTA. It was only right that San Andreas was next, really.



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