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Just had a call off


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He went to the cruisemids thingy with rach + pricey + Evv etc Sounds like he is having a wale of a time :roll: Something about a guy in a sierra cozzie setting fire to the back of his car with a flamer kit so everyone expect a report later :thumb:


oh and the reason i didnt go is i am getting abit bored at the min with me car etc :tired: maybe its one of them things we go through every now and then or maybe i have just lost interest X( or maybe i just need to stick a 2.0l in it :roll: just kinda worries me thinking about it now that i would rather stay in and chill than watch cars be thrashed about :(


arrhh well give it a week or 2 if not car kight be up for sale :P

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was  a good night and the fuckin flames coming off that sierra sorry to say pricey and ian it puts ur's to shame no offence, it had its own flame thrower in it :roll: was mental, pricey didnt come btw he went home b4 it even started


lol, he had a fcuking calor gas tank in his boot and shot 8 foot flames form the back. he did it on gras at first and set the boot/bumper/lights etc on fire, he tried to blow it out, opened the boot, everyone saw the mahoosive tank of gas and legged it away lol and left him blowing the fire out, then someone threw a bottle of water to him and he put it out. it burnt his boot, melted a load of plastic and burnt holes in his boot carpet


ill write up propper 2morro, i been up for nearly 24 hours and im fooked and cant speak properly cos of all the shouting and being stupid in the van lol

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AFPMSL At being stupid in the van! :roll:

"ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM ZIMMA" :roll: :roll: :roll:


Believe me Dave, if you had of been there, you would be an instant petrolhead again, it was fooking excellent! :)

Today has cheered me right up, even if there were a few mishaps X( :(


:thumb: :cheers:

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