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Recaro baby seats...


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Anyone know where i can get a recaro baby seat?? I have a daughter on the way and need a decent baby seat to keep her strapped in when i am going round a roundabout..


Hi i'm rob btw, I'm from nottingham and I have just got my second scort after a multitude of cars the last being an mx-6 which was a fantastic car. Loved it but got a baby on the way now so thought i would get something a bit more sensible.


I got myself a very tidy (one owner from new :eek: ) Escort 1.8 si 5 door and it is an excellent car and gonna be great for putting the kid and all its stuff into.


Anyways sure to see you all around

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They make Recaro Baby seats???!!?? Jesus I was joking :) Thats cool... :) How much does one cost roughly???


seat new is £174squid.. then i got all the extras another £100 worth


Blimey..... Well luckily my ladies cousin is giving us her old one which is brand new.. Thanks for the offer though :)

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