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Remote Engine Start


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yeah remote start takes ur cat 1 off the alarm n i thought if uve got a ford immob it wont work anyway as the key has 2b near the steering colume


I was told that to get remote start to work, you'd have to completely get rid of the Ford Immobiliser protection - ie leave your car defenceless! :jaw:

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anybody seem that complete system you can get that has an alarm, immobiliser, automatic engine start if ur on holiday and the battery gets low, remote start, will start at a preselected time, solenoid door openin and everything but it all cost about £1500 8o


more that any car i ever bought cost me X(

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places dont car if ive got cat one on anything, i had it on my rst but no cert, so i phoned the ins and said i could get one, they said not to bother cos it wont change the price.

but yeh you loose the ford one, not really a problem seen as there crap tho :D



Thats strange as my insurance went down as soon as the insurance company recieved my installation cat1 certificate. Must depend on who your insured with.

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